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Atari ST YM2149 Works

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Undercover Magascene #16 diskmag

UCM 16 Intro sndh mp3
Featured in the diskmag intro by DHS

Spiral Zone sndh mp3
Featured in the diskmag itself

PMP party compo

Pre Midnight Pizza sndh mp3
Placed 1st

Sid Sound Online Compo by DHS online compo

Flying over the Earth sndh mp3
Placed 1st

Wings of Death Remix sndh mp3
Original composition by Jochen Hippel (funny thing is that the solo i covered a part of in this tune, was copied by Hippel from 'The Slightest Touch' by Five Stars ;)
Bonus tune for the results demo

4 Colors Online Compo Results by DHS demo

Shining Dance sndh mp3

Pie Bill Gates by Sector One game

Menu sndh mp3

Ingame sndh mp3

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