[scene works]

[other/pro works]

  • Kohina: Marvelous game and demo music radio, streaming carefully selected tunes from many retro systems with the best sound quality possible (recorded from original machines, no emulation!)
  • Nectarine: THE demoscene radio, streaming plenty of demo tunes from various systems
  • Pouet.net: All demoscene productions from early times to actual days put online with comments.
  • DHS: The best source for news about Atari ST demoscene
  • Atari Music Network: News and informations about all forms of music composition on Atari computers
  • YM-Rockerz: The Atari ST chipmusic label I'm affiliated to
  • Sector One: The Atari ST demo crew I'm part of
  • VGMdb: The biggest game-music albums database, with extensive informations on each album
  • Soundtrack Central: Many reviews of classic game-music albums
  • Slightly Dark: Offers out of print (and quite rare) game-music albums for download.