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About me

I started music composition on Atari ST around 1993, after i discovered the wonderfull world of the demoscene, and especialy its music.
In fact i've learnt everything i known about music via the demoscene's specific form of composition - tracking.

I began using digital soundtrackers (like ProTracker on ST or FastTracker II on PC) and stuck to these until 1999.
At that time the ST was massively back on Atari demoscene, putting an end to the Falcon supremacy, with Atari demomakers seeking a bigger challenge.
So i started composing on ST chiptrackers, as YM2149 soundchip music is the preferred format for use in demos on this system (less CPU time consuming, the soundchip doing most of the job). Its limitations (3 channels, simple synthesis) offer a wonderful experience and i'm still composing on it these days. The Atari demoscene is still active of course, but i especialy love the challenge of trying to get new compositions, new styles, new sounds, out of it.
I now also compose music for games on various other systems, such as Nintendo Game Boy, cellphones, Nintendo DS and others video game systems.

I always enjoyed game-music, playing or running some games just to hear their tunes, and after that digging for the soundtracks of games i never even played.
Game-music is so rich, from the early blips to the full rock or orchestra of recent productions, and i will never have enough of it. It's not a music style, it's a musical universe.
So this, along with demoscene music and of course many "real life" styles, had a big influence on my music.

About the music & the website

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