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Atari ST YM2149 Works

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tYMewarp by YM-Rockerz musicdisk
The theme of this edition was early chip sound, so no advanced technics could be used, only basic synthesis and composition.

Ninja Action Fighter sndh mp3
Early japanese video-games style


Cosmotro demo

ExoCooper sndh mp3

CRAU04 party compo

CRAU Funk sndh mp3
Placed 1st

Burton Tribute application
Interactive production dedicated to Tim Burton (unfinished/unreleased)

Burton Tribute Project sndh mp3
A kind of Danny Elfman composition attempt...

Buggy Boy (Oric) by Defence Force demo
Yes, an Oric demo!
This computer actualy got the same soundchip than the Atari ST.

Oric sndh mp3

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