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Atari ST YM2149 Works

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Atari ST 20 Years Megademo by DHS demo

Menu (Original) sndh mp3
Composed for the main-menu (original version)
I tried to do a tune in Megaman style, as the menu graphics were taken from Megaman games.

Menu (No FX) sndh mp3
Featured in the main-menu (version without effects)

Atari ST 20 Years Compo online compo

Disco Fizz sndh mp3
Placed 8th

Wolf3D by TSCC game
Conversion of some of the original Wolf3D tunes (by Bobby Prince) for the ST port of the game.

Wondering About My Loved Ones sndh mp3

Get Them sndh mp3

Interlude sndh mp3

Highscore sndh mp3

Ending sndh mp3

Pooz by Paradize game
Action-puzzle game

Intro & Menu sndh mp3
This tune is actualy Spring Party from Outline 2004 compo, but in a looping form.

In-Game sndh mp3
Samba style

Highscores sndh mp3

The Lab sndh mp3

Mini-Games sndh mp3

Outline 2005 party compo

Return of the Fighters sndh mp3
Placed 2nd
Kind of rock composition

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